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Purpose                   :  To persuade the readers by forwarding arguments.
                                 To analyze or elaborate 'how' and 'why'
Generic Structure      : A Thesis
                                 It contains a topic that will be discussed.

                                 It consists of the elaboration or explanation as arguments to support the topic in a thesis.
                                 It contains a re-statement of the writer dealing with the topic given in the early thesis.


The Importance of Sunlight

               A Thesis
                    How can the mortal live without a sunlight? all of sudden, a sunlight is very important 
               for the mortal. Why is it so?

                    Firstly, a sunlight can help the humans as for drying clothes. So, you don't have to use the dryer in the washing machine.
                    Secondly, a sunlight can help the plants to produce an oxygen. However, sunlight can be convered the energy to make their own food using a photosynthesis.
                    Thirdly, a sunlight is good for healthy because of the ultraviolet light from the sun can covert the provitamin D to vitamin D taht makes bones stronger.
                    Fourthly, a sunlight is one of the things that include in renewable resources. So that, it can be used anytime and anywhere.

                    Thus, based on the facts above I can conclude that sunlight is very important for our life on earth.

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